Thank you for your interest in a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Session!

Here are some FAQs to help you get started:

Here is a short video with another PRYT practitioner to give you an idea of what a session might look like.

what is yoga therapy?

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) is a combination of classical yoga techniques and elements of contemporary mind/body psychology that encourages a deep connection with the self.  Through gentle movement, assisted yoga postures, focused breath, and verbal processing you will be guided to experience yourself more fully in mind and body. This connection is held and explored, fostering profound change, growth, and healing

I've never done yoga/only done yoga a couple times - can i still receive a session?

Yes!  Movement is often organic and directed by you (we'll move how you want).  If we do decide move into traditional yoga postures they will be gentle, supported, and assisted. This work is about your connection with yourself rather than achieving any particular pose with your body.

Where are you located?

I hold sessions both in Manhattan, at Moving Body Resources on W 27th Street, and in Brooklyn at my office at the Greene Clinic in Fort Greene. Both locations are easily accessible by several subway lines and I have day and evening time slots available at each location.

What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable you can move in.  Workout, yoga, or pajama pants or leggings and a t-shirt or tank top are great.  You might want to wear some layers since your temperature can shift over the course of a session depending on your level of movement.

do i need to bring a water bottle?

Feel free to bring a water bottle, although this will not be a workout.  Also make sure you're not too hungry, but try not to have a full belly, whatever that means for you in terms of planning your meals around your session!

I'm not flexible/mobile or I have a physical disability - can i still receive a session?

Absolutely!  I welcome people of all abilities and mobilities.  Sessions can be adapted so that you remain in a chair, stand, or lie down according to your ability and interest.

i'm interested in a session for my child/grandparent, what ages do you see?

I see anyone over the age of 13.  Minors require a parent/guardian's consent. Older folks are more than welcome!

There's a lot of physical contact in that video that i'm not comfortable with.   do I have to be touched to do this?

Absolutely not! Each session is individually tailored to your needs and comfort.  Consent is always obtained before physical assists or touch is introduced.  We can agree at the beginning that touch is not something you are interested in and you can change your mind about receiving physical assists at any point.  

who are you?


My name is Sarah Ward.  I'm a licensed psychotherapist and certified yoga teacher.  I've been practicing psychotherapy for nine years in New York City and Cambridge, MA.  I've been teaching yoga and therapeutic yoga for 18 years at universities, yoga studios, and mental health clinics.  I discovered early on in my personal and professional journey that yoga enables people to connect to themselves in a deeper way than talk therapy alone.  I've found that this connection to your mind/body/spirit allows for deeper insight, more profound change, and more complete healing.  You can read more about me and my psychotherapy practice on my About Pages above.




What does it cost?

Through February 2019, your first Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session with me will be free. After that sessions are offered at $75 - more than 50% off the full session fee. This fee is mostly to help cover the cost of space rental. However, it’s most important that you be able to continue the work if you choose, so please don’t let the fee put you off - if it’s not possible for you, please contact me to talk about a sliding scale.

This sounds awesome - why is it Discounted?

Although I am a licensed therapist, certified yoga instructor, and trained in a number of therapeutic yoga techniques I'm in the process of completing a 600 hour training in a very specific yoga therapy modality - Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.  To earn that certification I must complete and videotape a certain number of yoga therapy practice sessions and go over the recorded sessions with my supervisor to help improve my skills and ensure I am up to the rigorous standards required by PRYT.  This kind of supervised work is standard for most therapeutic professions, such as clinical social workers, licensed mental health counselors, and psychologists.

do i have to be videotaped to receive a discounted session?

No, you do not have to be videotaped to receive a session.  If you do decide to consent to be videotaped, the video will be completely confidential and shared only with my direct supervisor to help me improve my skills as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist (we'll be looking at what I did in session, not at you).  If you do decide to allow me to videotape the session, you will also have the right to revoke your consent at any time.


If you're ready to set up a first session, or just want to learn a little more from me directly, send me a note with your contact info and a good time to reach you and we'll set something up!

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